Sunday, July 1, 2018

Gang Stalking, organised stalking and cause stalking groups in Sydney are using electronic torture to harass targeted individuals. The groups are targeting men, woman, minorities, outspoken individuals, whistle blowers, drug addicts, drug dealers.
My local area is Bondi Junction in Sydney Eastern Suburbs and I have been targeted for around 7 years, I know who is targeting me (100% finally after 7 years) and wish to share this nightmare ride with you. While I can’t name any names as I don’t want to get sued for defamation, I while try to steer you in the right direction so know how these groups operate.
If your currently being targeted in Sydney you need to watch out for these groups in particular. These groups have been designed to protect our society using community manpower but unfortunately the groups using this technology are abusing and bullying individuals unfairly and without any consequence. People are becoming judge, jury and executioner. No wonder most victims of gang stalking are women, as they are probably being harassed by a group of mothers at her children’s school.

- schools (Parents and friends groups)
- neighbour watch
- real estate agents (property managers and sales agents)
- gyms (personal trainers)
- shopping centres
- hotels and serviced apartments
- large residential apartments with strata and security
- police officers
- ambulance workers
- fire fighters
- council workers
- drug dealers
- brothels and sex workers
- crime syndicates

Gang stalkers mainly use electronic harassment to silence, abuse and drive their victims insane. There end goal is to have you thrown in a psychiatric ward, Jail or drive you to suicide (Ideally all 3 in that order).
Who's targeting you in Sydney? These are the groups I can say with 100% certainty operate using electronic harassment.

Schools –
Particularly high end private schools.  Parents and teachers of local schools have taken it upon themselves to create groups within the schools that monitor over the parents and students who attend the school. They spy over the students and parents in an effort to keep the school community ‘safe’. If they decide that a parent or student does not fit into the community or are misbehaving, they will begin an electronic harassment campaign to drive the targeted individual away.  In my opinion the reason that there are more female targeted individuals is because females play a leading role in v2k harassment as there more stay at mums in the community. Picture a group of mothers who have access to v2k technology harassing one of the other mothers simply because they can.

Large residential apartments with strata and security -
Once you are a targeted individual you will start getting harassed at home by noise campaigns by neighbours who have been brought into the group specifically to harass you. They will convince your neighbours that you are either a criminal.threat or whistle blower who is a threat to community safety and get them on board. This will happen no matter where you move to so my tip for you if your getting harassed is to stay put. It will follow you where ever you go.
From my experience the worst type of dwelling you can live in is a high rise building with security. The security, cleaners and staff were all part of the gang stalking and often went into my apartment to harass me using gas lighting techniques while I was out. I would find objects moved when I came back home, the apartment would also smell of take away when I came home. On several occasions I spotted a man standing on my balcony whilst walking back to the unit, when I arrived there was no one there. The security and perpetrators (probably neighbours) would have been given security access to my floor and have been given my key by the agent. I changed my lock on my front door to try to stop them entering whilst I was out only to find a slightly different lock on my door when arriving home. My key did fit it which was strange but the lock was different to the one I had just installed.

I was constantly being followed by retired neighbours they had gotten on board to enter the lift every time went out. Imagine seeing the exact same two elderly neighbours open their doors at the same time you did and enter the lift at the same time every single time. It was over kill on their part as it was happening every time I left the apartment and by this time I was aware that I was being gang stalked using electronic voice to skull harassment.

Neighbours above, below and on both sides were using noise harassment campaigns. Doors would slam, sound from the street was amplified and guess who lived right next door? A physiatrist and his son (rolls eyes).

The noise campaign followed be to my next property straight away (this was the 5th move in 5 years) This was a house but the neighbours were brought on board straight away. There was an attic that I didn’t have access to and I would hear sounds and noises all day coming from both  above me and noise coming on from sides.

By then I was getting bombarded with Voice to skull harassment 24/7, so the neighbours noise campaign was the least of my problems. The Perpetrators were using V2k to impersonate by friends, enemies, family and neighbours to try to get me physically or verbally abuse or accuse them. While I was tempted at times to attempt to beat up or scare people who’s voices I heard them using I never did. I think im lucky in the sense that I never went to crazy around any friends or in public but they were trying their best to turn me against friends. They would pretend to be drug dealers and bikies (organised crime) to scare me and tried to silence me threating to reveal secrets they obtained from my past.

They use hypnosis whilst you sleep to control your dreams and extract information from your past. They then use your phobias, fears and secrets in attempt to silence you while they slowly ramp up the torture more and more.

They use Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP or Dark NLP) to
condition you to go into a state of fear and panic when you hear certain noises. For example, you hear a door slam or a neighbour’s lawn mower ten times a day. Eventually your brain associates these loud noises with a state of fear. Once your brain is conditioned to fear a certain noise they can control your emotional state through a noise harassment campaign.

Real estate agents -
Real Estate agents play a key role in gang stalking as they control access to the property for perps by giving them sets of keys and allowing them to set up surveillance and electronic harassment equipment in the targeted individual’s property. In my last property my real estate agent entered my property without my permission to do an inspection. This is both illegal and unprofessional as she was an experienced property manager at an established Real Estate agency. She knew this was illegal and entered the property without so much as asking my permission via phone or sms.
She was also extremely rude and made it very difficult for me to move out costing me thousands of dollars to vacate the property, as the gang stalking and harassment from v2k and neighbours made it impossible for me sleep there at night.

Real estate agents also make huge commissions here in Sydney , around 5% of the sale price of the property price. Property prices here in the eastern suburbs are usually between $2-$3 million dollars for an average house. Agents who have access to v2k electronic harassment weapons could simply harass residents in any property they wish to sell. They could harass the residents to point where they have sell and move house, this would work in favour of their local agent or benefit Real estate agents in general. They could also use  electronic harassment to evict unwanted tenants for owners who want them out. Tactics like these are surely being used as payment or incentive to use for agents to come on board.

I was forced to move out, the final straw was when the Perps using V2k threatened my child, I have a child who stays with me and this was the first time in the 6 years of harassment that they had threatened her. I immediately moved out as they had never used such explicit violent threats and repeated it non stop for the entire night.

Personal trainers -
Personal trainers or PT’s are a valuable part of their groups as well. They can gain access to clients lockers  whilst your training to duplicate keys, gain knowledge to clients personal information such as their business, address and daily routines. It’s also a very profitable job, so convincing future clients using v2k and hypnosis to train with a particular trainer can bring in a substantial amount of money. I’m not saying they use these techniques for sure, but If they had access to the technology they could easily use it on targets. There is also a lot of drug deals which occur in and around the gym due to steroid use other drugs used in the fitness industry.

Shopping centres - 
Whilst I can’t pin down why, when entering my local mall in Bondi Junction the stalkers who are using audio harassment v2k on me often change and new ones come on. This for me would indicate that shopping centres could have their own programs running or can take over and transmit over your regular perpetrators transmission.

Hotels and serviced apartments -
Hotels and serviced apartments are involved in harassing targeted individuals, as hotels are frequented by all sorts of clients. When visiting serviced apartments in the past there was a strong push from my perpetrators to get me out of the hotel room. A group of friends had hired a room for the night and were partying, some drinking, some were doing drugs, some were smoking, pretty standard at any hotel room on a Saturday night.

They were imitating my friends voices who were in the bedroom and pretending to talk about me behind my back. This happens regularly in an attempt to turn me against friends and family.

Keep in mind that hotel owners and staff hate these type of clients, people partying in rooms cause noise, attract drug dealers, escorts (sex workers) and criminal elements opposed to the regular families visiting.  
The hotel staff would want these guests out as soon as possible and would want their stay to be as uncomfortable as possible, so they don’t plan on coming back next Saturday night for more partying.
Whatever the reason I was always harassed more by audio harassment when visiting serviced apartments or hotels for the night.

Police officers - ambulance workers - fire fighters - 

Unfortunately some police officers, probably not all are part of the program. I have attempted to explain and have called the police in the early stages of being target. I thought that gang stalking might be a crime and could be investigated by the police. The response I received once I mention gang stalking was ‘are you on any drugs?’ and ‘do you have any mental health issues’. I could also tell by the look of worry on the police officers face that he didn’t want me mentioning the magic keyword Gangstalking. They insisted that I go to the hospital for a mental health assessment. From there I had to receive a mental health assessment, I told them what I was hearing and how I was being harassed. They made me stay there for the weekend and was diagnosed with schizophrenia and have to wear that label for the rest of my life (perpetrators first goal achieved). So in short I’d like that thank the NSW Police for keeping the community safe and serving the people…

I highly advise you don’t go down this road but it is an essential part of the gangstalking program to have every Targeted Individual labelled as insane. In fact that is there number one priority, then isolation and finally suicide.

Now if the gangstalking program brought murders, hardcore criminals and rapists to justice I would be all for it. But I’m neither of those, have no criminal record and am being targeted by old enemies and the community for no reason. So they have decided to drive me commit suicide and the police are 100% onboard.

Drug Dealers -

Drug dealers play a big role in gang stalking and are used to push drugs onto targeted individuals. They help with Isolating and getting TI's addicted and dependant on drugs which also justifies getting the community on board to harass the victim as he is a 'drug user'.
Neighbours, friends and associates will be easily convinced that the TI is a danger to the community by showing them footage and audio of the TI doing drugs in their neighbourhood or street. A main goal of the perpetrators is place financial strain on the TI, wasting money on drugs is an ideal way to get the TI to spend money.

Brothels and Escorts (sex workers) - 

The sex industry and brothels are an ideal place for perps to find and identify targets who are already isolated and have mental illnesses. The sex industry is generally affiliated with drugs and with criminal elements. There are also many cases of individuals being targeted by escorts in America during the CIA's MKULTRA program, google it and have a read about how they used to lure men and drug them with LSD and implant them with microchips.

How Gang Stalking sessions are planned, organised and executed?

How Gang Stalking sessions are planned, organised and executed?
Each and every GS sessions are carefully researched for the agenda (amount of pain, control and type of control), possible outcome(Did the session meet the planned outcome) and feed back(how the TI reacted to the GS session).

Roles in the GS
There are roles for each and every person involved in GS. The roles varies from Director or manager, assault group, diversion or mis-orientation group, observation or feed back group and theoretical analyses group.

Role of theoretical analyses group in GS:
This group contains the permanent members of the GS system typically psychologist, law and enforcement officials, public department members, traffic constables and controllers and Director or manager of given GS session.

Responsibility of this group is to frame or plan the gang stalking session. There are several factors that are discussed in this session. First the gang stalking frame work from the legend (previous GS sessions) are used to frame the current GS session. By using the legend GS frame work this group reuse the GS model, for the given agenda they need not frame each and every actions in session, but only have to select from the list of GS legends frame work to plan for the current GS session. This has lot of advantages for example time is saved, no experts are required always to plan the GS session, man power used to plan is less etc. And the emphasis is given for the plan for execution of the GS session.

Based on the type and severity of TI the given legend GS frame work is selected. Once the legend GS frame work is selected then the group request for the resource for the execution of the GS session. The resource are normally part time workers (except the Director or manager of the GS session) who are compatible occupiers of the place in which the GS session is planned.

Role of Director or manager:
This intervention officers like the Director or manager have 24/7 logging of events of TI, plan the daily control of the TI, amount of GS, type of GS, amount of DEW attack and other forms of control. The Director or manager of TI social control

Role of psychologist:
Psychologist take part in the design of the GS session. They design the GS session such that the GS effects in the psychological conditioning of the TI. This conditioning helps in the control of the TI. The psychologist also review the GS session and read the feedback from the TI to see how much the GS conditioned the TIs brain.

Law and enforcement officials:
Law and enforcement officials are responsible for protecting the perps involved in the GS session. They clear the area and make sure place in which GS occurs is usable by the perps. They also prevent the external influence from outside.

Public department members and traffic constables:
These people help the perps by clearing the place in which the GS occurs from the public and time share the place with the other public. After the GS session is completed or when the TI leaves the place the area is open to the public. When a public place is used by the perps the place is isolated by the Public department members and traffic constables to the public and controlled by these people.

Though almost all the members of each public department take part in the GS the session and the operation is kept secret from other members of the corresponding department.

Who are the targets of TI gang stalking system?
TI gang stalking system is selective when they want to select the people for gang stalking. This implies that the system has limitation on doing gang stalking and it cannot be performed on all the general public and selection of people for gang stalking follows a strict procedure.

While analysing and researching about the selection of people for gang stalking, we have to think about what are the characteristics that the perps are looking for as a part of selection and the place where the selection takes place.

In this aspect following questions are to be answered.

Will the selection happens randomly? Is the selection is based on the gene of the people.
If the selection process is not random and if it is systematic who would do the gang stalking and who would do the selection. Will both be the same persons?

How blacklisting works?
This process should involve the evaluation of the psychology of the person, to check whether the persons behaviour matches unacceptable psychological models. If the psychology matches the abnormal behaviour framework then the person is included in the black list. Then the social control of the person will be exerted on the person for his life time. Normally the gene carries the psychological traits through the generations, hence his entire family including his children and his grand children will be automatically included in the social control, after evaluation of the psychology. If the member of the family shows less similarity on the traits of unacceptable psychological models then the severity of the social control will be less.

The stage or place at which the evaluation of the psychology could happen could be at job interviews or other interviews which any common person has to undergo. So that the entire population are evaluated at certain stage. But the evaluation of the psychology and its result could be concealed to the person to prevent manipulating the results of the evaluation by the person being evaluated. And also if the persons psychology matches the abnormal behaviour framework then social control will happen without the knowledge of the person under control.

Types of Targeted Individual social control:
After the blacklisting as the first step in social control the person is prevented from involving in any political activities (which when the person involves pose a direct threat to the government if the person is Narcissistic).

Based on the severity of the social control, the control of life varies. Control involves time, how frequent the persons life should be controlled (social control could be for every year, every month, every day or every hour if the person social control severity is high). If the persons social control severity is very high, then the persons life is controlled for every minute.

Control based on the place:
Control involves infiltrating the places (work place, school, clubs etc) where TI uses.

Control based on the person:
Control involves people, the TI intervention officers infiltrate as peer in the workplace, infiltrate as neighbours, infiltrate as friends and even force the family members to spy and control the TI.

Control also involves several other aspects:
(1) Life is controlled by regulating the wealth, opportunities, social interactions, (2) Introduce complexities in the TIs life so that the person cannot conceive that the TI is in social control. By Introducing complexities in the TIs life, the TI will concentrate on only his life complexities and TI is prevented from observing the larger spectrum of life.
(3) gang stalking the TI to explicitly introduce problems into TIs life and this is used only if the severity of the TI is beyond certain level.